Nature @ the Pines

Carolina Pines is surrounded by forest and water. Its location near the Croatan National Forest, the adjacent wilderness lands of the US Marine Base at Cherry Point and the lands held in conservation along Anderson Creek by the NC Coastal Land Trust, make it an ideal habitat for abundant wildlife. Deer, brown bears, eagles, osprey, raccoons, fox, pelicans and alligators are often seen around the Pines. It is a paradise for photographs and those who simply love to see animals in the wild. The Neuse River also significantly contributes to the wildlife experience. Dolphins are often seen making their way along the Carolina Pines shoreline seeking a meal. Enjoying these resources, residents become a part of the experience as they fish, water ski or boat on the river with craft from the size of kayaks to large sail boats. It is reassuring to know that these waters are protected by the Lower Neuse Riverkeeper who patrols in both boats and aircraft. 

Photo Gallery