A photographic flight was conducted over Carolina PInes to capture the beauty of our community. A few of the pictures taken are reflected below.  Aerial photos of individual homes of members of CPU will be made available upon request in the near future. CPU members who are interested should email carolinapinesunited@ec.rr.com.

Photos by Dove Imaging:   To enlarge photos for detailed viewing press the control and plus buttons on your keyboard multiple times.


As reported in the New Bern Sun Journal on the above date, the NC Coastal Land Trust has purchased the land adjacent to Carolina Pines along Dam Creek. This area runs the length of the creek from its headwaters near highway 70 down to the Neuse River. It is in two pieces. A 6.78 acre tract that runs along the sandy beach of the Neuse River. The second tract runs along Carolina Pines Blvd. As a part of this purchase, one 38 acre tract was donated by the Eddie Ellis Development Corporation. Mr. Ellis actually grew up in this area and he and his family have always been terrific supporters of Carolina Pines. All of this land is now in permanent conservation.  Access to these lands for observation and photography of nature will be discussed with the managers of NC Coast Land Trust by CPU representatives in the near future.

To view photos in detail, press the control and plus buttons on your                                            keyboard multiple times---Photos by Bailey Sherrill

Thank you to these fine volunteers:

Jill Sherrill

Bailey Sherrill

Julia Quinn

Wendy O'Connell

Sandy Murphy

Rick Dove

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Have you seen the new CPU signs being displayed around the Pines? Please let us know what you think by posting on our Facebook Page.

10-7-2016 Belinda Scheber's painting "Mums the Word" was the winning entry in the Bank of the Arts contest. It will be the official artwork of the 2017 MumFest. Click here for Sun Journal Article  SJ LINK


These volunteers worked to improve the entrance at Carolina Pines. Really hard work on a very hot and rainy Sunday morning.  THANK YOU!  Carolina Pines United is very grateful . Want to help as a volunteer? email carolinapinesunited@ec.rr.com

10-9-2016 On October 7 and 8, 2016, Hurricane Matthew roarded down the Neuse River and through Carolina Pines. It huffed and it puffed but it could not blow our houses down. There was minimal damage and CPU is qickly recovering.